Investment Guide in China Overview

Since economic liberalization began in 1978, China has been among the world's fastest-growing economies, relying largely on investment- and export-led growth. Over the years, foreign investors are flooding into this oriental country to seek fortune. In decades, with the development of the investment environment and the support of the policies from Chinese policies, A growing number of international investors are optimistic about the investment prospects in China. Especially the remarkable performance of the Chinese economy during the new crown epidemic.


Reasons to invest in China

1. Market size and growth potential
Although China’s economic growth rate is slowing after years of breakneck expansion, the size of its economy dwarfs almost all others, be they developed or developing. Simply put, foreign companies cannot afford to ignore the world’s second largest economy.

2. Human resources and infrastructure
China continues to offer a unique and irreplaceable environment for manufacturing, with its vast labor pool, high quality infrastructure, and other advantages. While much has been made of rising labor costs in China, these costs are often offset by factors such as worker productivity, reliable logistics, and ease of in-country sourcing.

3. Innovation and emerging industries
Once known as an economy rife with copycats and counterfeits, China-based businesses are advancing to the leading edge of innovation and experimental business models.

Tannet Services

● Business incubation service
● Financial and tax services;
● Foreign investment services;
● Intellectual property servicr;
● Project planning services;
● Marketing services;

Your Benefits

● Expanding international business: large population, high consumption power, huge market demand in China, engraving to achieve business expansion in China and thus expand your international business;
● Reducing production costs and achieve profit growth: sound infrastructure, abundant and numerous labour force, lower costs for production, etc., leading to profit growth;
● Increasing the international influence of your products and brands: China is an international market where investors from various countries are developing their business, further increasing the international influence of your products and brands through the Chinese market.

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