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Tannet Group is a cross-regional and cross-industry business incubator company, business operation company, business management company and industrial investment company headquartered in Hong Kong. The company was founded in 1999 in Hong Kong by Mr.Chan Haotian, and has now become a comprehensive multinational company with group operation, chain management, global alliance and one-stop service. After 23 years of accumulation and precipitation, the group has established 12 administrative departments, five business center systems, more than 40 subsidiaries, more than 600 professionals, more than 3000 service providers or joint organizations, more than 100,000 demand merchants from more than 130 countries, and handled millions of customer cases.

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Professional Personnel

After 23 years of accumulation, the group has established five business center and twelve business development department, formed into the attack, retreat can defend strategic pattern, initially formed a borderless, cross-industry, one-stop, personalized enterprise platform, can realize a resource create sharing, cooperation platform, a can realize resource integration and application platform, enterprise service and interactive platform. This platform can provide onshore and offshore enterprises with management, financing and commercial production and marketing services.


Strategic Positioning

Based on the Greater Bay Area, backed by Greater China, connected to the free trade port, facing the Asia-Pacific region, radiating to the whole world.

Enterprise Positioning

Enterprise service provider, industry intelligent integrator, industrial value investor, and intercity platform operator.

Business Positioning

Corporate Consultant / Corporate Physician / Corporate Nanny.

Development Plan

Tannet Group five-year development plan.
The group is developing in the fifth five-year plan stage, setting the next two five-year plans.
Tannet is a development platform of inter-city industrial alliance established based on the large database and taking the mode of system integration, which develops to intelligent, global and platform.
Networking: 1999-2004 /Hard Work /Improve Oneself.

Informatization:2004-2009/Complementary Resources/Cooperative Growth.

Functionalization:2009-2014/Optimization And Promotion/Steady Development.

Template:2014-2019/Reorganization And Merger/Platform Joint Development.

Intelligentialize:2019-2024/Reform And Innovation/Create Brilliant Again.

Platform:2024-2030/Platform Operation/Sustained Development.