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Service Outlets

In order to meet the service needs and professional needs of customers, Dennett has established five business centers, cooperating with 38 service points and 46 subsidiaries to provide professional and comprehensive services. The five business centers are business incubation service center, financial and tax service center, foreign investment service center, program provision service center and intellectual property service center.

Through the development mode of direct operation and joint operation, the company has gradually established global supply chain alliance, inter-city industry alliance, service outlets covering major cities in China, as well as the United Kingdom, the United States, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Switzerland, South Korea, Cayman, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Portugal and other places. Dennett has built a borderless, cross-industry, one-stop, personalized platform for enterprise services and interaction.



Tannet to group management, chain management, global alliance, one-stop service mode, realize "no regional limitation, no time limit of 24 hours of globalization service", different from the same only limited local service company, form at the same time for foreigners in China, Chinese investment overseas to provide two-way investment consulting, consulting, research, planning, implementation, training, counseling service features. No matter you are in any corner of the world, we only need to call 400-880-8199. In terms of service content, since the establishment in the 1990s, Dennett has accumulated a large database base, including capital database, project database, enterprise database, industry database, trademark database, etc., including business incubation, finance, global production, project planning, marketing business service, realize the systematic, functional and intelligent service, from creation to operation, from management to development, from investment to financing, from listing to delisting. Whether you need assistance at any stage of business development, our international consulting team can provide available.

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Supply Advantage

In such a physical virtual, hardware and software, online and offline, offshore and offshore dual conditions, we have more than 100,000 customer resources, more than 3,000 cooperation resources, 100 million level of capital pool, resources and contacts across government institutions, banking institutions, media institutions, think tank institutions. Dennett firmly believes that in the future, fighting alone will lose momentum, and the era of win-win cooperation has come, who has more resources, qualifications, capital, capital, who will have the world. Therefore, dennett was established in 2014 inter-city industry alliance, through alliance between cities, industry, industry alliance, joint venture between enterprises, entrepreneurs, chain, industrial chain, supply and demand chain pairing, pipe chain integration, establish a hand in hand in enterprise profit platform, customer application platform, social feedback platform. We're always developing, we're always on the way.