Introduction to Feasibility Study Report

Why do we need feasibility study report? The feasibility study report is a professional document in the fields of investment cooperation, enterprise financing, bank loan, government establishment and so on. It is an important basis for making investment decisions. The role of the feasibility study report can be summarized in following aspects.

Feasibility study report is important basis for money raising, financing and bank loaning; signing contracts or agreements with the relevant departments of the project; importing technology and equipment as well as negotiation etc.

I.Tannet’s Feasibility Study Report Services

Tannet is especially familiar with the following types of feasibility study reports, project proposals and project application reports, which include:
1. Feasibility study reports, project proposals and project application reports for government approval and recordal;
2. Feasibility study reports and project proposals on financing and bank loaning;
3. Feasibility study reports on investment cooperation;
4. Feasibility study reports on land application;
5. Feasibility study report on applying for national special funds;
6. Feasibility study report on applying for government subsidies;
7. Feasibility study report on IPO and PIPO;
8. Feasibility study report on the application of tax exemption for imported equipment;
9. Feasibility study report for approval of overseas investment projects.

II. Time-frame and Payment

1. Time of edition: 10-30 working days
2. Service charges: RMB 20,000 - RMB 1,680,000. The specific cost depends on the difficulty of the project. The government sets the rate as follows:

Estimated Investment/
RMB30 Mn -
RMB0.1 Bn
RMB0.1Bn -
RMB 0.5 Bn -
RMB 1 Bn
RMB1 -5 Bn 〉RMB5 Bn
Project Proposal 6—14 14—37 37—55 55—100 100—125
Feasibility Study Report 12—28 28—75 75—110 110—200 200—250
Assess Project Proposal 4—8 8—12 12—15 15—17 17—20
Assess Feasibility Study Report 5—10 10—15 15—20 20—25 25—35
The estimated amount of investment refers to the estimated total investment amount of the project proposal or feasibility study report;

Tannet’s actual service charges are adjusted according to the market conditions on the basis of the government's prescribed fees.

III. Tannet’s Service Flows

Preliminary consultation --- Sign the agreement --- Advance the payment --- Deliver the document list --- Send the document back (by client) --- Detailed communication --- Report planning --- Deliver the draft --- Make suggestions for revision --- Make final version

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